Best Hand Mixer for Cookie Dough [Complete Guide for Cookie Lovers]

Finding the best hand mixer for cookie dough is something I want to help you with.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to only the top rated and highest quality model on the market. You can see their features and the benefits they bring to the table.

You’ll also be able to check the price of each item, and even more reviews, right away!

But first, what are the benefits of owning a hand mixer?

Benefits of the Best Hand Mixer

One of the advantages of getting a hand mixer for your cookie dough is that it’s a lightweight device. Not only can you use it for your everyday cooking and baking, but it’ll give you complete control.

As you know, mixing cookie dough requires some skills, especially if you are using your hand. And that can affect the final structure and look of the finished product.

Another very good thing you should know about the best hand mixer for cookie dough is its size. This means that you can use it anywhere you like, so it’s most certainly not restricted to the kitchen.

In addition to that, there are now many different types out there that’ll make you more efficient than before.

Take the cordless hand mixer for instance. It comes with excellent power that make your job both easy and fast.

There are also models that come with enough attachment to provide extra flexibility and are not too expensive that you can’t afford them.

The basic hand mixer will come with only two beaters. But there are more advanced ones with more beaters and other accessories, depending on the price.

Since the price of most is low, you should be able to select not only a quality model but one that’ll help you make the finest dough.


Stand vs Hand Mixer – Which is the Best?

Compared to stand mixers, this type of mixers come with much more advantages. First, they take less available space on your kitchen countertop.

First, they are very functional and easier to use due to their mobile nature.

Second, they won’t take up too much real estate that they prevent the installation of other important appliances in your kitchen.

As a result of their portable size, they give you a lot of flexibility.

So, you don’t have to keep them in one place. In fact, you can store your hand mixer in your drawer, thanks to its portability and lightweight.

This can be great if you are very busy and like to work at a measured pace. Something a bulky stand mixer might not provide since it’s stationary at a fixed place in your kitchen.

So, you are never tied to a place when using your hand mixer, compared to the stand mixer.

Another important advantage of the hand mixer is that they are less costly than a stand mixer and good enough to use for your everyday cooking tasks.

Therefore, you are not just getting something that’s cheap but also very functional for your day to day cooking activities.


Best Hand Mixer for Cookie Dough [Reviews and Rating]

Cuisinart HM-50 Power Advantage 5-Speed Hand Mixer

Best Hand Mixer for Cookie Dough

In addition to the KitchenAid hand mixer, the Cuisinart HM-50 5-Speed Hand Mixer is another excellent model for getting the best value out of your money.

The HM-50 hand mixer comes with an excellent combination of convenience, power, speed, and flexibility to provide you a fluent and efficient cookie dough mixing.

This versatile, 220-watt hand mixer, you get incredible power that can cut through fresh cookie dough right out of the refrigerator.

And that power doesn’t take away from the comfort of using the mixer.

Because it’s designed to operate in a balanced way, the mixer will not take away from your convenience, which is especially great for extended mixing.

Remember those times you get lots of visitors to your home and want to make dozens of cookie dough in record time? That’s where this unit is going to shine.

If you are like me, you probably don’t like a corded kitchen appliance as much as a cordless model because of the convenience it affords.

But what if there is a rotating swivel on the unit, one that makes operating it very easy? Yes, this 5-Speed mixer from Cuisinart makes that easy enough for all people.

Whether you’re right- or left-handed, you’ll be able to use this without feeling unnecessary fatigue.


Gone are the days when you have to wrestle the beaters to get them out of your mixer.

With the beater release lever on the mixer, ejecting the beaters from the mixer is a convenient matter.

And then, they beaters are adequately long so that you get a better and faster whipping, mixing, and aerating.

Have dense cookie dough or whipped cream to mix? The motor on the Cuisinart HM-50 5-Speed Hand Mixer is powerful enough to cut through them.

And you get automatic feedback too, so you can get on with your work without too much break in between.

Check it out here


KitchenAid KHM7210OB 7-Speed Digital Hand Mixer

Best Hand Mixer for Cookie Dough

While there are a lot of hand mixers out there and even a dozen model from KitchenAid, the KHM7210OB 7-Speed Digital Hand Mixer is one of the best choices for making your cookie doughs.

It’s high quality and top-rated model that comes with lots of benefits.

The hand mixer features a high whip speed and mixing load sensor, which helps you in both measuring what you are preparing as well as completing the task in the shortest time possible.

With the mixing load sensor, you’ll never go wrong with mixing. And with a high-speed beater, you get to finish the mixing as soon as possible and prepare the cookie for hardening.

More Features:

Being a digital hand mixer, it makes mixing very easy. It comes with a digital display that shows you the mixing speed at a glance at various stage.

You also don’t have to do too much to get it started, thanks to a flip button on the unit.

Once switched to positive, it’s ready to operate and another push on the button puts the unit to an abrupt stop.

The mixer comes with a smooth styling design, which ensures that no ingredient is trapped in crevices or cracks, making cleanup very easy.

And just like many other KitchenAid hand mixers, this model also comes with the renown oversized beater ejection button.

A simple nudge on the button ejects the beater, making for easy, single-handed ejection.

Moreover, the rounded power corded doesn’t trap ingredients and locks into either side of the mixer. Again, cleaning can be achieved with only a wipe.

The handle on the mixer is angled, which helps in minimizing hand fatigue and the rounded grip also ensures that people of all hand sizes can use it.

And to make it easier to store the unit, the maker also includes a non-trip heel rest that keeps the mixer stable when not in use.


One problem that many hand mixers face is they are sometimes clogged up by batters and other mixtures.

However, the KitchenAid KHM7210OB mixer comes with air vents to prevent this from happening. And for those who love accessories, the mixer comes with a stainless steel turbo beater.

This is dishwasher safe and can easily be installed when the old one is worn.

Check it out here


How to Choose the Right Hand Mixer

If you are not new to buying kitchen appliances, you’ll know that there is always plenty of options to pick from.

And often, that can mean hours of time to pour into looking at features, pros, cons, prices, reviews, and a whole lot more.

However, you don’t always have to do that if there is a guide that can help you choose the best one as quickly as possible.

That is what you should expect from this short guide.

I’m sure you are only looking to buy a hand mixer, as opposed to a stand mixer, which is overkill for making cake mixes or cookie dough and often pricier and more difficult to clean.

Since you only want to make cookie dough in this case, you only need something light but durable and strong enough to handle that and similar food items.

Aside from the affordable price of a hand mixer, the ability to use it for several years to come is another strong advantage.

To ensure you get such benefit, here are a few things you should consider before buying:

1. The Power and Output

Aside from price, there are a couple of other things you want to consider when buying a hand mixer. One of these is the power of the mixer.

If it’s not strong enough, it may not be useful in mixing very thick material especially those freshly out of the refrigerator. Most of the time, this is affected by the number of watts on the motor.

A 220-watt motor, for example, is powerful enough to handle most of the mixing you’ll want to do like cake mixes or cookie dough.

2. Speed Rating

Another important feature you want to consider is the speed on the mixer. The minimum speed of a hand mixer is around 3 while the max is around 7.

The fact that these items are not very expensive, even the model with the highest speed rating, should give you the impetus to go for the max speed.

The advantage is that you’ll be able to adjust the speed based on the thickness of the item you are mixing. And it’ll also help prevent splatter so you can keep the area clean and healthy.

3. Attachments

While this isn’t as important as the other features, it can bring a lot of flexibility and versatility to your hand mixer.

Some models come with a variety of accessories such as a dough hook, cake whipped cream maker, extra beater, etc, all of which helps in extending the functionality of the device.

4. Resting Heel

This is a very important thing to look for since it’s useful for both operating the unit and when it’s not in use.

Look for a square base that can lean on the countertop while you fill the unit with ingredients. And be balanced on its own while it’s not in use.

5. Ease of Use

Just because this is last on the list doesn’t mean it’s the least important. It’s in fact, VERY important, moreso than the other factors.

Why? If you know you won’t be able to use a product easily, would you buy it? No. So, when selecting a model, look at the size, the weight, and some of the features.

For example, when a mixer has a round edge on its handle, it provides for ease of handling and minimizes fatigue. A lightweight unit is easier to move around than a bulky one.

Also, a unit with a simple speed setting is going to make it easy to operate. This isn’t to say that it should have every possible feature. Instead, it should have those things that’ll make it convenient to use.


Final Words on the Best Hand Mixer for Cookie Dough

When you are out to purchase the best hand mixer for cookie dough, you soon find yourself sifting through a lot of options.

This is always a good thing though, having a wide selection to choose from. First, you can examine each model on a variety of criteria such as quality, price, flexibility, and reliability.

In most cases, you will be able to settle on the right one. Couple with this guide, it’s difficult to go wrong on the right one for you.

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