Valentines Day Ideas For Families

Valentines Day
When we think Valentines Day, we usually think of couples and flowers and candy. You know, all that mushy stuff-but Valentines Day doesn’t just have to be for couples. Make some new memories and celebrate Valentines Day with your kiddos and your family. Check out the ideas below to get you started!

Family Fun For Valentines-Staying In

Valentines DancingValentines PancakesValentines Game Night

  • Make breakfast full of Love-Start Valentines day off with a yummy breakfast-even better a heart themed breakfast! Shape foods like pancakes, toast, French toast and fruit into heart shapes by using a cookie cutter. You can purchase inexpensive table décor from your local dollar store too! Pick up things like Valentine themed tablecloths, centerpieces, napkins, placemats and more! Use colors like red, purple, and pink as your color scheme and try using food coloring to color foods if you want. I know that here in our local grocery stores that they make a strawberry syrup for milk, so you could even have pink milk!
  • Make Memories In The Kitchen-Head into the kitchen to bake up some Valentines day treats. If you have the time you can make a few items. (one with each child) If you are pressed for time, gather around and let the whole family pitch in. Then pick out a movie from Netflix or from your own movie collection and enjoy the treats together as you watch a movie. For some fabulous and yummy ideas like the images below, visit our Pinterest page HERE.

Valentines Day TreatsValentines Day cookies

  • Have A Scavenger Hunt-If you buy your kids small gifts, or treats have them “hunt” for them like a scavenger hunt. I actually do this for my son at Christmas time. I make clues up to lead him around the house, and those clues eventually to a gift. For a Valentines Scavenger hunt make up funny, or rhyming clues. You can lead to one gift at the end or to a few smaller gifts along the “hunt.” Be creative with this and grab the video camera to capture the “hunt.” They are great to look back on!
  • Make Homemade Valentines/Coupon Books-Grab the art supplies, gather around the table and let the creative juices flow! Have the kids make Valentines for each other, Mom and Dad, Grandparents, etc.  PLUS, check out the Valentine Coupon Books below. Use them to give your kids coupons for movie nights, staying up a little later and even personalize them specifically for your child! All you have to do is print them out. To print out your own FREE Valentines coupons, just click—->Kids Valentines Day Coupons

Valentines Coupons3Valentines Coupons2Valentines Coupons

Family Game Day-Gather around the table for some laughs and fun with board games, card games, dice games, etc. When I was young, my parents used to let each of us three kids pick out a game. We may not have played all three in a row, but throughout the day we got them all in. We used to choose favorites like like Monopoly, UNO, Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Memory, Life, Pictionary, and Guess Who. Playing games with my family when I was a kid is still one of my favorite memories as a kid. I carry the tradition on with my husband and son now.

Family Fun For Valentines-Going Out

DSCF0317 Valentines Mini Golf Valentines Movie Night

  • Bowling-For many years, my hubby, son, and our friends went bowling every year together. Our kids were little, it didn’t cost a lot, and was so much fun! We would usually chip in on a pizza at the bowling alley, and bowl until our hearts were content. Check with your local bowling alley for availability and even specials for Valentines Day.
  • Catch a Flick-Head to your local theater to catch a movie. If you have a local dollar theater like we do here in Indiana you can do this for relatively cheap. Tip: If you don’t want to spend a fortune on popcorn and snacks while you’re there, eat before you go. Then settle on a drink or slushie (or something small) while you are at the movie. Or you can head for ice cream after! If you haven’t eaten you can always opt to pick up a pizza on the way home too. A little treat, but probably a lot cheaper than buying everyone popcorn, drinks, and candy at the theater! 
  • Mini-Golf-Grab the family and head out for a round or two of mini-golf. Weather permitting of course depending on your geography. Or opt for an indoor golf course if you have one.

However you choose to spend Valentines with your family, you can’t go wrong. Spending time together is the most important gift of all! Remember to grab that camera to capture all the fun!!

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