Mindspeak: Thrilling New Young Adult SciFi Series

I am an avid reader and have done a few book reviews before.  I mostly read for therapeutic value as it helps my anxiety disorder (aka Worry Wart).  Getting lost in other worlds definitely helps me forget about the problems in this one.

About a month ago a co-worker mentioned that his wife had just published an eBook and she was promoting it by doing an Amazon Giveaway.   I love reading and it’s a bonus to support a fellow Kentuckian who’s a working mom doing her own stuff on the side.  So I entered and shared her giveaway info and then picked up the book from Amazon.

If you’ve read any young adult fiction like Stephenie Meyer, P.C. Cast, or Suzanne Collins, you will definitely enjoy Heather Sunseri and her work in Mindspeak.  The book was fairly gripping from the start as it immediately had me wondering and wanting to know “what happens next”?

Lovable lead characters with romantic tension, breakthrough scientific discoveries, and vexing ethical and moral questions keep this mystery thriller action packed.  Be prepared to be wishing the second book is this series comes soon!

I love that so many great stories are being told by talented self-published writers.  Not only will you get a great read out of Mindspeak, you will be supporting the dream of a small-town Kentucky author who has shared her brilliant tale with the world.

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