I thought I’d share how the hubby and I managed to get $225 worth of FREE GROCERIES from Kroger this week.

If you have health insurance that uses Express Scripts you may have heard that they are no longer contracting with Walgreen’s.  We have been using Walgreen’s for year since it is the only pharmacy near us that is open 24 hours and has a drive-thru.  This month we had to find a new pharmacy to get our monthly maintenance prescription.  I am taking three prescriptions and my husband takes several more than that and so we each had our prescriptions transferred.

Right now Kroger has a special where you can get $25 in Free Groceries for each prescription that you transfer.  Since we had 9 transferred, we got $225.  I had mine transferred earlier this month and used my $75 on my shopping trip last weekend.

Today my husband had his transferred and we were given $150.  I used this along with coupons and got $212 worth of groceries for $0.57.   I actually was -$3.14 but to avoid the hassle of figuring out what to do I added some candy bars to the order.   80 Items/$212 and I only paid $0.57!! Plus, we got 50 Fuel Points for each prescription, and fuel points for the grocery transaction so we have 500+fuel points to use on our next fill up.   I was ecstatic!

Here’s how it works:

  • Transfer your prescriptions from another pharmacy (doesn’t have to be Walgreen’s)
  • When you pick up your medications and pay, tell them that these were transferred prescriptions and they will add the amount to your Kroger Plus Card.   You can see the amount on the receipt with an expiration date.  (I would keep this receipt with you just in case)
  • You can spend the money anytime before the expiration date BUT you have to use it ALL in ONE TRANSACTION.   The cashier will ask when you check-out if you want to use your Rx Dollars and you can save them for later if you want.

Use it in combination with coupons and this can be a great way to stock up!

Hope this tip helps you save money, time, and stress for your family!

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